Ido Drent reviews the Tunland

Foton New Zealand lent NZ actor, and Shortland Street favourite, Ido Drent a Tunland to help with his new house build in Auckland. In return he gave his honest opinion about how it performed on the job and on the weekend. Watch Ido’s review by clicking the image below.

Ido Drent reviews the Tunland.

Ido Drent needed a workhorse while building his first home and Foton NZ had the perfect vehicle for the job: the 2017 Foton Tunland ute.

He admits at first he was pretty sceptical of the relatively unheard of Foton brand and wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I thought it would be small and not quite stack up to the competition – but I was wrong” Ido said.

When Ido first saw the Tunland he was pleasantly surprised.

“It’s a great looking ute. It is big and solid with sports bars and nudge bars – I definitely wasn’t expecting this.”

With his new found appreciation for the Tunland, Ido didn’t hesitate in putting it through its paces to see if it performed as good as it looked. From carting building materials around Auckland city, towing a boat up a slippery ramp and trying (and failing) to get the ute stuck in the sand at Muriwai Beach, it was safe to say the Tunland easily stood up to every challenge Ido threw at it. But with the power of the legendary Cummins engine under the bonnet and the ample amounts of cargo space, we had no doubt the Tunland would exceed Ido’s expectations.

Performance and aesthetics received the tick of approval but what about the interior?

“It has everything you need on the inside too. What’s most important to me is being able to connect my IPad or IPhone and the Tunland’s connectivity is fantastic. The cabin is also very spacious with a nice, simple dash, steering wheel controls and air conditioning. What more do you need?”

Another plus Ido discovered during his time with the Tunland is that the whole rear seat folds up, creating a large open space right through the rear cabin. This was ideal for carrying a load of luggage when the deck was full of building materials.

Ido found the driving experience in the Tunland pretty impressive too. He said the ute handled great on the open road and even performed well in the traffic jams of Auckland city.

“It’s a very comfortable drive – I was really, really, REALLY surprised with the Tunland.”

Ido’s verdict?

The Foton Tunland is the perfect ute for both work and play. It is a very versatile vehicle – it is a great workhorse with impressive power from the Cummins engine which enables top performance even when under a heavy payload. The Tunland is also built for recreation with loads of cabin space and a comfortable driving experience. All of this combined with the extremely affordable price tag makes for a fantastic package.

“Why would you buy a used ute with heaps of kms on the clock when you can pick up a brand new Foton Tunland with a 3 year warranty for the same price?”

It’s a no brainer; the Tunland is the best value ute on the market.

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